Scale your business without full-time commitments.
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The tools and talent
to run lean

Flexile helps you onboard and pay qualified remote contractors to help you grow your business cost-effectively.
Find Flex Workers
Work with top talent screened for
expertise + part-time availability
Automate Operations
Onboard in seconds, track status
async, and streamline invoicing
Pay Globally
Make unlimited, international payments to 190+ countries
Offer Equity
Retain contract talent with a mix of cash, equity, and/or dividends

Find and onboard flex teams compliantly.

Build an end-to-end team by the hour. Roles span design, engineering, internal ops, customer support, and more.
Access our freelance talent network, vetted for quality product chops and experience serving millions of users
Automate and store freelancer banking details and payment preferences
Sign and archive contracts inline
Amend and send automated ICAs tailored to regulations in 190+ countries

Oversee timesheets and invoicing.

Capture, cap, and track weekly work with built-in timesheets
No more PDF invoices — get teams to instantly generate them within Flexile
Review, reject, or approve invoices in 1-click

Send unlimited global payments.

Pay in USD or 190+ local currencies
Apply simple standardized rates to teams across the world
Report and collect tax data automatically in the US

Equity-align your team

Help your people pick their perfect % with equity splits.

Grow with the flow

Clear, straightforward pricing as you scale

1.5% + $0.50

Sid Yadav
Sid Yadav
CEO of
“Most entrepreneurs have two options: work a full-time job and hustle nights/weekends, or leave your job and risk everything. Flexile offers a third way.”
Sahil Lavingia
Sahil Lavingia
CEO of Gumroad
“Gumroad was the original testing ground for Flexile. Instead of prioritizing growth, we’re prioritizing people, and the growth comes naturally instead of toxically.”
Karin Fyhrie
Karin Fyhrie
Flex CEO, Sovereign Objects
“Flexile helps me to operationalize the time to stay inspired. As a creative lead, that’s incredibly important not only to me, but also my team.”
“Things you don't have to do to start a company: Quit your job, learn to code, write a business plan, hire. Things you have to do: Start.”
Get the blueprint on how to build a minimalist business from the founder of Gumroad, Sahil Lavingia.
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